class bgetlib.models.DownloadProgress(tag: str, total: int)[source]

Bases: object

The download process model, updated to each callback

bar_format: str

The f-string to format the progress bar

done: bool = False

Is the download done

finished: int

Finished bytes

percent_format: str = '{:.2%}'

The f-string to format the percentage of complete

start_at: float

Timestamp of when the download start

tag: str

The tag of DownloadProgress to identify it

total: int

Total bytes to download

class bgetlib.models.QualityOptions(h265: bool = True, hdr: bool = True, dolby_audio: bool = False, dolby_vision: bool = False, qhd_8k: bool = True)[source]

Bases: object

Quality options of requesting a video

dolby_audio: bool = False

Enable Dolby Audio (AC-3 or EC-3)

dolby_vision: bool = False

Enable Dolby Vision HDR

h265: bool = True

Enable H.265

hdr: bool = True

Enable HDR

qhd_8k: bool = True

Enable 8K QHD